Don't Settle For Less Than Propane Performance

Whether you’re replacing aging appliances or adding new ones to your home, you can count on propane for greater savings, reliability, and comfort than electric options.

Propane appliances use less energy and are clean burning (EPA Clean Air Act).

Ohio Electricity is Not Clean Energy

About 40% of Ohio electricity production is from coal fired power plants. Much of the coal used to feed those power plants is imported from other States because Ohio coal production does not meet in-State demand. 

Ohio is Propane Country

The state’s propane reserves are abundant and clean burning which
is why numerous fleets including bussestrucks and city vehicles and commercial lawn mowers run on propane.

Ohio Propane is a Clean,
Low-Carbon Energy Source

Propane has a much lower carbon footprint than Ohio electricity. Propane is not considered a greenhouse gas. Natural gas is a greenhouse gas. According to the U.S. Clean Air Act and SCIENCING propane is an approved clean fuel. 

Ohio Electricity Usage Already
Far Exceeds Local Production

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says Ohio coal and natural gas plants do not meet the state’s consumer demand for power. As a result Ohio imports electricity from other states and Canada. Ohio’s imported energy largely comes from greenhouse-polluting coal and natural gas energy sources.

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